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SnowPlus Device Basics

How to maintain SnowPlus devices?
SnowPlus devices are easy to maintain. Keep the devices and pods in a dry environment to maintain the quality of your SnowPlus products. To clean SnowPlus device, rub the devices using a dry or slightly moistened cotton bud.

Can I take SnowPlus on an airplane?
Yes you can. SnowPlus is travel friendly, but check the airline company regulations about vaporizers before you travel. While you are travelling-in-flight, please keep the device away from your products. Extreme pressure change may lead to a small amount of contents leakage.

How long does a charge last?
The high-capacity battery ensures incredible battery life and easily power through the day. The battery can last for two to three days for an average user.
Battery Capacity: 400 mAh     Full Charge needs: 50 mins    Pulls on Full Charge: 300
SnowPlus Pro :
Battery Capacity: 450 mAh    Full Charge needs: 18mins   Pulls on Full Charge: 300

Can I overcharge the battery?
SnowPlus’s smart-charge technology is designed to reduce overcharging.

How do I dispose a SnowPlus device?
SnowPlus device should be recycled along with other e-waste. Follow your city's local recommendations and regulations for disposing of a lithium-polymer rechargeable battery.

How to check my Manufacture Date?
The SnowPlus manufacture date written on the back of package.

SnowPlus Pods Introduction

How does the SnowPlus Pods work?
SnowPlus uses a closed loop temperature control algorithm designed to deliver the ideal amount of power to the SnowPlus Pods. The liquid is heated using an industry standard wick and nichrome coil system.

How should I store my SnowPlus Pods? Do they expire?
Store your SnowPlus Pods on a dry environment to keep the quality of the pods. Pods don't expire for at least 2 years, but it is better if you use them soon after purchase.

How should I dispose SnowPlus Pods?
SnowPlus Pods should be recycled along with other e-waste.

What is in SnowPlus pods e-liquid?
Our ingredients include plant glycerin, propylene glycol, flavor, plant extract, nicotine for nicotine pods, and menthol for some flavors. You can check the details ingredients of each flavor by looking at the back of packaging.

Can I buy SnowPlus e-liquid in bulk?
We currently only offer our e-liquid in the form of SnowPlus pods.

Can I refill my SnowPlus Pods?
SnowPlus Pods are not designed for refills or re-use and should not be opened.

What's the best way to take a puff on a SnowPlus Pods?
Take a smooth and gentle puff and don't put too much pressure on the mouthpiece. Too much pressure will force liquid up into the air path and cause leakage.
Please do not inhale for over 10 seconds. If an inhalation is too long, the device will automatically stop running and the indicator light will flash for 3 times.

How to charge a SnowPlus Device?
When the battery level is low, the indicator light will flash during usage. The indicator light will always be on while charging. When the device is fully charged, the charging process will automatically stop, and the indicator light will turn off. Please do not use while charging. The maximum charging current is 200mA. Exceeding the maximum value may cause the device to overheat.
You can charge a
SnowPlus Device with a SnowPlus pods inserted into the device, but it is not necessary.

What should I do if my SnowPlus Device isn't charging?
If the LED light is not pulsing when you plug the USB cable, try the following steps:
Wiggle the device and the USB dock and make sure the connection is stable
Switch to a different power source, either a USB wall adapter or a laptop USB port.
Gently clean the metal charge contacts on the bottom of your
SnowPlus Device and the USB Cable with a dry cotton swab.

Will my SnowPlus Pods leaking when I use it?
The pod is Leak-Proof Design made of Easterman Tritan copolyster, a safe and BPA free material. Implemented with the 4th Generation double-seal design, the pod is perfectly sealed to prevent leakage.

Why is My SnowPlus won’t producing Vapor?
Make sure that your device is charged and the pods aren’t empty.
Try to clean the contact on the pods by rubbing them with dry cotton swab.
This should restore the connection between the pod and the device if any moisture has been in contact with them.
Try to insert a different
SnowPlus Pod to see if that helps.

Orders & Shipping

How do I know if my order placed successfully?
Once you’ve placed your order successfully, you should be able to receive

  • A purchase confirmation from your payments provider
  • An order confirmation from us

Within 5 Business Days, you should be able to receive a shipping confirmation once your order is ready to be sent to you. You could find the order tracking number in order details or shipping confirm notification email / SMS.

How to Use Your Order Tracking Number

Note: Please check your email and text messages inbox to see if you have already received your tracking number, which is usually sent to you after 5 days of issuing your order confirmation.

If your tracking number does not return any tracking information, it may be for the following reasons:

  • The delivery carrier has not yet received your package.
  • The delivery carrier has not submitted your tracking information.
  • The order number you submitted is incorrect or invalid.
  • The order number you submitted has expired.

Each carrier usually takes some time to process your order information before the tracking information is updated. If you are unable to locate the shipment, you may need to contact the carrier for additional information. Therefore, the tracking information may not be immediately queried after the package is shipped. If you are not online or unable to find it, you can contact the carrier for confirmation or check it later.

I just placed an order. Why don’t I have my tracking number immediately?
Once we receive your order, the information is received by the logistics wing, then process your order and put together your order items to send to you, and then forwards the items to the shipping company, which then generates your relevant tracking number. Since this process involves multiple steps of coordination between internal and external parties, it doesn’t happen instantly.

Dispatch and delivery time
Your order will be shipped using the service you select.
Currently, we offer shipping via major logistics providers.

  • We process all orders during our main service hours, Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am till 6:00 pm.
  • Standard delivery times across regions are: Malaysia: Within 5 working days
Please note all refer to post-dispatch delivery periods.
Please note that the orders may be required to go-through overseas transportation and customs clearance. Please be patient.

Working Process
DISCLAIMERS: There may be exceptions to the delivery times presented here, depending on your location. Even major logistics providers do not have full coverage and need to hire subcontractors at times to handle their deliveries.

Shipping Costs
Our logistics partners are major international door-to-door courier services that guarantees fast and safe deliveries. On behalf of our customers, we’ve settled very affordable worldwide shipping costs from our warehouses around the world, and thus able to offer a subsidized worldwide flat shipping rate for standard deliveries.


How do I get wholesale pricing?
If you are interested in becoming an authorized retailer of SnowPlus products, please email malaysia@snowplustech.com.

Quality & Manufacturing

What materials are SnowPlus and the SnowPlus pods made of?
SnowPlus are made by the fine crafted curved-edge body in zinc alloy frame, provides a silky smooth touch, a slim and sleek design that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. SnowPlus pods are made of Easterman Tritan copolyster, a safe and BPA free material. Implemented with the 4th Generation double-seal design, the pod is perfectly sealed to prevent leakage.

What battery is in the SnowPlus device?
SnowPlus uses a lithium-ion polymer battery.
Battery Capacity: 400 mAh Atomizer Voltage Resistance: ≥1.4Ω The Output Voltage: Output Constant Pressure 3.7V

Are there magnets inside the SnowPlus device??
Yes, there are. The embedded magnetic on the pod makes the device very easy to use. The fall-out prevention system pulls the pod in and keeps it securely in place.

How Long Does the Limited Warranty Last?
SnowPlus devices come with a one (1) year limited warranty (“Limited Warranty”) from the date of retail purchase from www.snowplus.com.my or from an Authorized SnowPlus. (“SnowPlus”) Retailer by a person at least 18 years old. This Limited Warranty is NOT transferable to subsequent purchasers.

What Does the Limited Warranty Cover?
SnowPlus only covers defects in material and workmanship that arise under normal condition and use.

What is NOT Covered by the Warranty?
SnowPlus pods and SnowPlus USB Cable (included in SnowPlus device kits and starter kits);
Damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake, or other external causes;
Damage caused by the device being exposed to or coming in contact with moisture (e.g., liquids, water, or rain, extreme humidity, unusual heavy perspiration or other moisture), or extreme thermal or environmental conditions (e.g., sand, food, dirt or similar substances);
Damage caused by operating the device outside the permitted or intended use as described by SnowPlus in the device documentation;
Damage caused by modification to alter functionality or capability;
Damage (1) attributable to accessories or attachments not authorized or recommended by SnowPlus US or (2) attributable to accessories or attachments authorized or recommended by SnowPlus but where usage of those accessories or attachments was outside of normal or recommended use;
Cosmetic damage occurring through wear and tear, including but not limited to scratches, dents, and broken plastic;
Any device where the serial number has been tampered with, erased or obscured, or is not genuine;
Normal performance degradation of batteries (please contact SnowPlus Support Team for more information on battery degradation);
Damage caused by opening, disassembling or tampering with your device in any way; and Devices purchased from unauthorized retailers.

The fight against unauthorized and counterfeit devices is a long-term commitment to quality and service by SnowPlus. SnowPlus advises consumers to be cautious when purchasing devices from unauthorized resellers. While SnowPlus would like to help the victims of counterfeiting, we are not able to reimburse money used to purchase infringing or counterfeit goods, nor do we assist with the resolution of disputes. In the case where we have a good faith belief that warranty claims are the result of counterfeit devices, we may reject such warranty claims, in our sole discretion.